Can my next order be shipped today?

No problem, we know there are times you might want to bring your next order forward, or have an additional order shipped.

Here's how you do it:

STEP 1: Log into My Account

STEP 2: Go to Membership

STEP 3: Click on "Ship Now - Keep Schedule" or "Ship Now - Reschedule from Today":

Ship Now - Keep Schedule: If you click this, you will receive an additional order. Your existing schedule will be unaffected.

Ship Now - Reschedule from Today: This will bring your existing schedule forward, and it will be rescheduled from today. For example, if you receive a Colour Kit every 4 weeks, a Colour Kit will be shipped today and your subsequent shipment will be 4 weeks from today. 

You can also change you next shipping date by changing the date and clicking "Go" as shown below: