Duo Colour Blends

Are you looking for a colour which is between two colour levels, or which has just a hint of cool or warm tones?

Our Duo Colour Kit include everything you need to blend two colours together to create a customized colour result which works for you.

Duo colour blends are the best approach to achieve a colour result which is between two colour levels, or which has softer half-strength cool or warm tones.

If you prefer a bright, vivid colour finish, blend two warm colours to achieve a vibrant colour result.

Blending colours can help correct and balance some unwanted colour results too. For example, if you have some greys and prefer to see warm tones in your colour, you will achieve a more consistent colour results over greys if you colour with a blend of a neutral colour and a warm colour. Grey hair lacks all pigments and a warm colour alone can leave a lighter and brighter finish over greys (as greys lack all pigments which help fill and anchor a colour).

We recommend blending colour which are on adjacent colour levels, eg, a level 4 + level 5 colour.

We are available to provide personalised colour recommendations, so please get in touch with our colourists for assistance with your colour selection.