Lightening Your Hair Colour

Each of our colours can be blended with one of our three different developers - 5 vol (which will not lift your base colour at all), 20 vol or 27 vol developer.

Our 20 vol developer can lift (lighten) your natural colour by up to 2 colour levels. 

Our 27 vol developer can lift natural colour by 2-3 levels. 

Options to select your preferred developer are shown during the colour order and checkout process.

Please note that hair colour does not have the ability to lighten previously coloured hair. If your hair has been previously coloured with a permanent colour product and you want a lighter colour result, you may need to do a bleach wash lightening process before you can achieve a lighter colour result - we recommend speaking with one of our colourists for personalised advice.

A bleach wash lightening process can achieve 2-6 levels of lift.

Lightening your colour will always reveal natural warmth in your colour. We almost always recommend colouring with a cool based permanent colour after a bleach wash, as you need the cool tones to balance the warmth revealed during lightening.

Highlights are applied using a foils and a lightening process and can achieve 2-6 levels of lift. They will give you a softer overall colour finish. They can be a good option if you wanted a lighter colour finish, without an all-over lightening process. Highlights are typically finished with a cool based toner.