Colouring stubborn greys

Our 27 vol developer is specially formulated to cover even the most stubborn, colour-resistant greys.

Along with the loss of natural pigments, grey hair can undergo structural changes, and the outer cuticle layer of grey hairs can be thicker and more tightly layered, which makes it more difficult for the hair to absorb colour. Greys are often coarser and frizzier than naturally pigmented hair due to these changes. The texture of greys can change over time, so greys which have responded well to colour can become resistant to colour over time.

Our 27 vol developer has a bit more strength than the 20 vol developer and it can lift the thicker, tighter external cuticle layer of the hair on colour-resistant greys.

Some people have very colour-resistant greys. You can boost colour absorption by adding some heat at your roots for a couple minutes with a hairdrier, while the colour is processing. Then pop a shower cap on for the rest of the colour processing time, which will help retain a little bit of heat at the scalp, which will soften and lift the cuticle of the hair.

Using the 27 vol developer and possibly adding some heat (not everyone needs the added heat) is the best approach to achieving complete colour coverage over stubborn greys.

You can select your preferred developer during the colour ordering process.